The Sagan Planet Walk is a 1:5 billion scale model of the solar system located on the Ithaca Commons. It was created in 1997 as a memorial to astronomer and Ithaca resident, Carl Sagan. Information for each planet plaque is continuously updated for an accurate learning experience. Each station along the walk includes a scaled model of a planet in the solar system and an informational plaque. 


The Science Center had a goal of making the Planet Walk as interactive as possible for visitors. VisionLab360 was asked to create an augmented reality application for the Planet Walk that would allow users to be truly immersed in the details of the solar system. The team was able to do this by incorporating stimulating audio and visual features into an app that can be used while following the Planet Walk. 


The Planet Walk app allows users to view 360-degree models of each planet in the solar system through their phone as they visit each plaque. The augmented reality technology designed within the app causes each planet to appear as if it is directly in front of the user on the path. In addition to exploring the scientifically accurate details of each planet by moving around it with a handheld device, users are also able to listen to Bill Nye give a voiceover narration of the facts regarding each planet in the solar system. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store as well as Google Play.


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