Wizarding Weekend was created in 2015 as a magical celebration including trick or treating, costumes and fun in Ithaca’s Press Bay Alley. Within days of its inception, the event went viral online and thousands of people RSVP’d. Families and fans from hours away were excited about coming to Ithaca for a magical escape. People arrived in outlandish costumes, and a community was created instantly. Local business owners created interesting products for guests to purchase, and the event became a massive success. It continues to be one of Ithaca’s biggest events and is hosted each year for families and fans to enjoy.


The event planners for Wizarding Weekend came to VisionLab360 with a problem. They wanted to create a fantasy world for visitors to experience, but they had a lack of physical space for the event. VisionLab360 was tasked with creating an augmented reality application for Wizarding Weekend that would allow visitors to walk around in and interact with a fantasy world while only having to use a tablet/phone. With VisionLab360’s help, Wizarding Weekend was able to give people a magical experience inside of a limited space with the use of augmented reality.


VisionLab360 created Gorgekeep Portal as an app designed to be used at Wizarding Weekend. This app allows the user to step into a fantasy world using the technology of augmented reality and attend the Gorgekeep School of Magic. The school is based on the principles of collaboration, creativity, and community. Fans of Wizarding Weekend are welcome to demonstrate their magical abilities while completing fun and interactive quests within the app. The Gorgekeep Portal allowed Wizarding Weekend fans to be fully immersed in a world of magic. The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store as well as Google Play.


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