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Rules for safe use of CNC grooving machine

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If we want to use CNC slot planer safely, we should receive training and understand relevant precautions, otherwise, there will be problems in disorderly operation sooner or later. Let's talk about the safety of using CNC slot planer.

1、 Workers should wear tight work clothes with tight cuffs; Female comrades should wear protective helmets.
2、 Before operation, check whether all components and safety equipment are safe and reliable; Check whether the safety and reliability of the equipment and electrical parts are outstanding.
3、 When the machine tool is working, it is not allowed to adjust, measure the workpiece and change the smooth method to prevent the hand from touching the knife and hurting the finger.
4、 Do not remove waste by hand during operation.
5、 When loading and unloading the workpiece, the clamp shall be returned to a safe position.
6、 When installing and removing the mold, special gasket shall be used to cushion it to prevent damage.

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