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What should be paid attention to before using CNC slotting m

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In order to improve work efficiency, we should not only operate correctly, but also make preparations. What should we pay attention to before using CNC slotting machine? Now follow Nanjing Quanrui Technology Development Co., Ltd.
1、 Trial production should be carried out before starting the machine, and formal production can only be carried out after several finished products pass the continuous inspection. Pay attention to the observation during the production process, check the similar trial production process every five minutes, and stop the machine immediately for adjustment if there is any problem.
2、 Before operation, the paper feeding device should be adjusted to the same line and parallel to the work axis.
3、 Cut off the power before adjusting the equipment.
4、 Pay attention to the pressure between the angle cutting blade and the bottom shaft, and gently cut off the blade after contacting with the plate. Micro adjustment can prevent the blade edge from being injured.
5、 Pay attention to the maintenance and lubrication of the machine, ensure the oil level in the oil tank, and drip it frequently. The slider driven by the feeding device is refueled once per shift. The connecting gear should be lubricated regularly, the bearing should be overhauled once every half a year to a year, and the calcium base grease should be filled, and the regulating scroll rod should be lubricated regularly.


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