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Hello, welcome to Nanjing Quanrui Technological Development Co.,Ltd
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Founded in 2005, Nanjing Quanrui  Technological  Development Co., Ltd. is located in Gaochun District, Nanjing. It is a professional manufacturer in the national machinery industry and a national high-tech enterprise. Focus on the production of "Quan Rui" brand series of fiber laser cutting machines and CNC slotting machines. Nanjing Quanrui has always focused on sheet metal processing technology to provide users with digital products. Nanjing Quanrui focuses on the R&D, production, sales and service of complete sets of high-power laser equipment, relying on its own development of the CNC system and device of the CNC slotting machine to become a CNC slotting machine product, to provide customers with comprehensive laser and slotting machine solutions And after-sales service.
company's product:
Fiber laser cutting machine, CNC slotting machine.
Application range: Widely used in industries such as stainless steel products, decoration machinery, elevators, airplanes, automobiles, electrical appliances, ships, containers, meters, and packaging.
development path:
In 2005, Nanjing Quanrui Development Co., Ltd. was formally established;
In 2006, the operations research started and it was officially moved into the factory for large-scale production;
In 2007, the company expanded its scale, upgraded its workshops, and improved its organizational structure-purchasing, production and sales departments;
In 2008, the self-produced product slotting machine gradually matured;
In 2010, a processing center was established;
From 2013 to 2014, developed the first generation fiber laser cutting machine of the "Quan Rui" brand;
In 2015, the company expanded overseas export business;
In 2017, the company won the title of "AAA Credit Enterprise in China's Industry";
In 2018, more than 20 offices have been established worldwide;
In 2019, with the efforts of all employees, the company won a "high-tech enterprise" and obtained several invention patents;
In 2020, the annual sales volume will reach hundreds of units, which is the choice of thousands of users;
Moving on in 2021...
R&D and production:
Since its establishment, the company has advanced production equipment and a professional R&D team. Up to now, the company has more than 20 patented technologies and has reached cooperation with institutions to control the entire process of new product design and development to ensure that customers' needs are met.
The company uses manufacturing equipment with independent intellectual property rights and advanced and unique production technology to develop and produce new laser and slotting machine products with independent innovation capabilities, which promotes the improvement of product technology content and creates "Quan Rui" independent brand products .
corporate vision:
To provide new and old customers with satisfactory products and the most complete service, work together to seek common development and create brilliance together.
corporate philosophy:
Business philosophy
Innovation, pursuit of excellence, service, shaping first-class
Build a brand: build a high-tech independent brand
Customer first: create the value of serving customers first
Product idea
Reliable quality, product innovation, pretentious introduction, beautiful and practical, technical foresight
company address:
No. 25, Maoshan Road, Gaochun Economic Development Zone, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province

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Nanjing Quanrui Technological Development Co.,Ltd Address:No.25, Maoshan Road, Gaochun Economic Development Zone, Nanjing 豫ICP备15654513号

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